How To Feel Juicy & Stay Juicy

This is the first of a series of postings about how to feel & sustain “that lovin’ feeling” in a relationship.

If you are looking to get into a relationship, this info will be helpful for you as well.

We are excited to share with you in segments the essence of a complete groundbreaking system on how to create genuine happiness, no matter what’s happening in your life.

Friends, there is nothing more important and meaningful to us than to impart these amazing tools to anyone who is yearning to transform and be exuberantly happy in their life.

We, Cary and Wendy Valentine, some years ago were on the brink of divorce and had completely lost that juicy feeling.

We are happy to say that we have come out of our living hell. It took us many years to figure this out but we turned ourselves around and we are completely confident that you can too….quickly!

Remember the moment when you knew your partner was the one you wanted to share your life with? Has that feeling sustained? If not, we assure you, that feeling can return and even be stronger!!!!

Let’s get right into some helpful info that will transform your life.

Men – Invest in your relationship & reap the juicy rewards

Having a juicy intimate relationship will probably be of great interest to most men. “As for most of us guys all it takes is a little wind to blow & we’re ready to romp and roll”, says Cary.

Did you ever realize how important it is to warm your woman’s heart and that’s what is going to get her juices flowing?

Ever see the movie Groundhog Day where Bill Murray learned how to woo his woman, Andie MacDowell? Great wisdom here for us guys to learn to turn our hard-ons into heart-ons. Learning how to move from having sex to lovemaking.

But how the heck do you that? Begin with taking the time to unwind.

You may not want to invest the time to talk with your woman and listen attentively to what is going on in her thoughts and life. But it will be very worth the investment.

There’s a good chance she is warring with thoughts about herself, that she isn’t beautiful enough or adequate enough in some area, which is souring her sweet feminine essence. (Check out The War is Over! poem and essay on our website).

Help her get to the root of this pattern which has probably been going on for years or all of her life.

In future blogs we’ll show you how to “complete and delete” these old painful programs and patterns once and for all and live together in a constant state of juicy sweetness.

Women – “Ain’t Mama Happy, Ain’t Nobody Happy”

Have you ever realized that you set the tone of your home?

Do you know that you have a choice at any given moment to be sweet or a sourpuss, which has a great effect on your partner and family?

Have you ever imagined you could be free forever of struggles with your body image and enjoy lovemaking all the time?

Are you aware of what worries or concerns your man is dealing with?

Time to get transparent. The more you are honest with each other about what haunts you, the more your relationship will naturally get juicy.

This enhanced level of juiciness in the relationship will open the doorway to get you passionate about new creative business ideas and hobbies. You will be inspired to discover refreshing ways to relate to your children encouraging them also to reach to their greatest potential.

If you don’t invest time in yourselves & each other, then you will probably find yourselves living on separate islands in the same house which could lead to a costly break-up, emotionally & financially. Case in point, the news this week about John Cleese’s divorce settlement in PopEater.

Wow, another example of what happens when you lose that “lovin’ feeling”.

Tip of the day:
Begin to deepen your connection with your partner over coffee, tea or a glass of wine.

Ask your partner, what’s your biggest reoccurring fear? i.e. fear of money, loss, aging, not looking good enough, not pleasing each other intimately.

Then ask each other, what are your dreams (some of you may not know what your dreams are, this a good place to start)?

Stay tuned to the next posting about the powerful effect of clearing your fears and worries forever………..

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