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Turn Your Holiday Woes Into Juicy Relationship Glows

Hey Guys,

Realize we’ve been out of touch for a long time. It’s taken us longer than expected to complete writing and recording the Happy 365 System and making it available on-line.

We’re getting great reviews and feedback about this material on how to create a happy juicy intimate relationship. Here’s an article for the holidays chock full of inspiring tips. Feel free to pass on the info to your friends and family.

Do you have an image of the holiday season as being warm and meaningful, and a time to appreciate your partner and family?

……Imagining delicious food cooking in the kitchen aromatically wafting through the house, everyone dressed in their finest clothes, playing or listening to music, kids giggling as they play with their new holiday gifts. Your eyes catch those of your partner and you embrace with a sweet juicy kiss that hints of steamy lovemaking that will top off the night.

You may say, “Sure, that’s what I want but how can I make that a reality when my life looks more like this — My partner and I often ‘pass each other in the night’. We are overworked with hardly any time to relax and enjoy our kids, never mind enjoy each other. We are stressing out over all the expenses to come for the holidays, particularly compounded by the challenging economic climate.”

“We are finding ourselves flying off the handle at each other and are not sure where this aggravation is coming from. And I am frustrated that I can’t fit into that special dress I was looking forward to wearing.”

Well here are 5 powerful tips and ideas guaranteed to transform and “juicify” yourself and relationship so that you can have that ideal holiday glow!

This info is coming to you from us, a couple of 21 years just like you who has been in the trenches and pulled themselves out of a dried-up unhappy marriage and found again that “lovin’ feeling”.

Tip #1 – Get Transparent With Yourself and Your Lover

During this holiday season become aware of what your biggest reoccurring unhappy story is. Are you constantly saying that there’s not enough time and money? Are you looking at yourself in the mirror and don’t like what you see, taking you down the well of despair? Worried about getting old or being alone? Or wondering if your equipment still works and are ever going to “get it on” with your partner again?

Etch out at least 10 minutes a day with your partner and tell him or her what’s going on. Discontinue isolating or hiding from each other. Desire to know each other intimately. At first you may feel ashamed to admit where you may be “biting into the poisoned apple” of fear, doubt or worry but as you do so, a deeper trust will spring forth and the juicy factor will naturally come back.

Tip #2 – Turn Your Doubts Inside Out

Stop the negative thoughts in their tracks and listen to their underlying message.

For example you may hear “I’m unattractive, or don’t have the means to get the holiday gifts our kids are thrilled about. Or I don’t have time to enjoy my life and my partner. Warning – these thoughts are not the full truth.

They are actually your best friends and coaches, waking you up to your grand potential.

Take a moment and accept these apparently negative truths and then make a choice of another kind. Pump in the opposite message, such as “I’m not sure how we’ll get these holiday gifts, but there will be an answer. I’m not sure of how we’ll create the time to be lovers again, but let’s start warming each other up with a quick hand or foot massage and get the juices flowing.”

Inside doubt are two words – To Bud. Allow yourself to bud. Lighten up and don’t expect yourself to be perfect. Do something different. As Albert Einstein said:

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Tip #3 – Ain’t Mama Happy, Ain’t Nobody Happy

Women, have you ever realized you set the tone of your home?

Did you know you have a choice at every moment to be sweet or a sour puss, which has a great effect on your partner and family, especially during the holidays?

Your greatest holiday gift to your partner and family is to make the choice to lighten up and be the happy beautiful heart of the home.

Guys, your job is to monitor her to make sure she’s stepping out of burden and feeling beautiful.  Compliment her. And women make sure he’s not stressing out about money. This is a team effort to stay happy and juicy, while finding fun, creative ways to bring home the bacon.

Tip #4 – DeScrooge Yourself – Happiness Is A Choice

Have you ever realized when you frown, you bring everybody down?

No matter how grim and hopeless your situation may appear, you have the choice to be happy or miserable at any given second. After all, what’s so sexy about being unhappy, especially during the holidays? Put happiness into your own hands. Life is precious. Make it count. Be the life of the party! Dance, play and you and your family’s troubles will melt away.

Tip #5 – Simplify

If you don’t have a lot of expendable income this season, choose simpler meaningful gifts from the heart, like singing a special song, writing a poem, or make something special. Or how about gifting your partner 4 date nights with prearranged babysitters to rekindle your romance?

‘tis the Season to be Juicy and Jolly, fa la la la la, la la la la!!!!!!

Cary & Wendy

This is an excerpt from Cary and Wendy Valentine’s Happy 365 System. For more in-depth info on how to keep your relationship juicy and intimate, or if you are single and looking to prepare yourself for the relationship of your dreams, please visit

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