Aug 16

Tiger Woods and Attitude – Choose Happiness?

On this weekend when the world of music is celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Woodstock, I found myself intrigued by golf’s PGA Championship. Tiger Woods had a lead from the start and there was great anticipation for him to win, especially since no one has ever come from behind to win when he has had this kind of lead.

What’s this have to do with happiness? Read on.

Throughout the round today Tiger played well, especially with the wet & windy conditions but not well enough, as Y.E. Yang of Korea became the first Asian born player to win a major championship.

I felt terrible for Tiger and disappointed that he didn’t win. These feelings reminded me of my youth, where I always wanted to win and I had a poor sense of sportsmanship (like in Little League when I beat the ground with my baseball bat, upon striking out).

I have changed over the years, yet I still like to win.

I can’t even imagine what it must have felt like for Tiger to have lost and immediately had to meet with the press, yet I was surprised at Tiger’s press conference after the round, and so was the renowned Australian golfer Peter Thomson, as he expressed in articles in the London Telegraph and AOL’s sports blog FanHouse.

When asked about Y.E. Yang’s win, I would have loved to have seen Tiger put his competitive spirit aside for a larger perspective for the love of the game.

I wished to have watched Tiger say, “Of course I expected to win today, but that’s not what happened. I am so happy for Y.E. Yang, his family and fans for winning his 1st major and what an incredible boost this will be for the game of golf throughout all of Asia.”

What a dignifying sportsmanship comment that would have been especially coming from the world’s biggest influence on the game of golf.

Now about happiness….

I look forward to watching sporting events and at the end, at first glance you can’t tell who won. Because both sides are truly grateful and extremely happy for having the opportunity to play that day, everybody is smiling.

You may say this is unrealistic. I say this can happen and is awaiting to happen.

It is a choice away.

For all of us at any moment we are being offered the opportunity to choose joy, happiness or misery. Even when things don’t go our way, especially when they don’t, how does it feel to choose unhappiness, even for a moment?

C’mon try it out. Why choose to be down when you lose, when you can choose to be happy. This isn’t to say just brush over the hard, difficult moments in our lives, yet isn’t it more life giving to cherish and deeply value each moment,- regardless of what’s showing up?


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