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Here we provide links to media files, such as magazine articles, radio and newspaper interviews and more.

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A comprehensive and content rich coaching program will be launched shortly – thanks for your patience.

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We are excited to share content rich videos with you shortly – thanks for your patience.

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Welcome friends and fellow warriors. We are delighted that you are interested to know more about us and our cutting edge 7 Step System to happiness. Over the last 21 years, we have discovered, birthed and refined this innovative system. When applied, these tools will instantly make a huge difference in your life, setting you on a trajectory of unprecedented joy. We recognize this is a bold statement to make, however, we can 100% guarantee this claim. Successfully tested by us and many others, these tools are now ready for you to implement so that you too can soar. Our transformed life is our testimonial.

Cary & Wendy

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to many of the great giants who came before us, particularly Dan & Heather Jordan who brought to us the gift of the powerful Map of Choice.

Our focus is to reach anyone in the world who is aching to step out of their pain, fear, blame, doubt, worry, anxiety, depression, numbness, illness and move into lasting genuine happiness with a deep sense of love and purpose. We are excited to let you know how to literally transform whatever ails you. The era of the never-ending “onion peel” is over. Hallelujah!

This system of creating happiness works for everyone, whether you are in an intimate relationship or not.

Our Story

We both know what it’s like to live in an immense amount of pain and unhappiness. In 2001, we hit a wall. We shockingly found ourselves after 13 years together, on the brink of divorce, shaking us to our core.

We asked ourselves “How the heck did we get here?” We were yoga instructors, massage therapists, self-help workshop presenters, and did many years of our own personal growth work, such as long meditation retreats, couples counseling and more. We still cared for each other but we were dried up, frustrated, and had no idea how to get out of this mess. Deep inside each of us we were still carrying an unending cycle of negative patterns, beliefs and toxic shame that would resurface no matter what we did.

Ironically, at the time we were running an Ayurvedic health spa in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, giving enough enemas for a lifetime! We now can “roast” ourselves of how our menu of life became very limited reflected by our strict organic diet regime.

Cary: “I was haunted by a black cloud of shyness and lack of confidence since childhood. Although I was talented and received recognition through awards and performances with renowned musicians around the world, I was insecure about my abilities as a drummer and percussionist. I still didn’t feel or believe in myself. Later these doubts trailed behind me and amplified into adulthood as I struggled with believing in my ability to be financially successful and to please Wendy intimately.”

Wendy: “I was tormented by years of doubts not feeling ever beautiful enough. I went up and down emotionally with how I looked in the mirror. I struggled with food issues and a deep insecurity about my body image and singing abilities. Nothing I did ever worked to end these painful programs in my head.”

Though the spa was flourishing, we clearly were not. We were driven to get to the bottom of what was ailing us. Hence we closed the spa, sold our house, and just about everything we owned, and moved to the remote desert of southwestern Idaho (where the closest neighbor was 5 miles away). Rattlesnakes, coyotes, badgers, deer and our 2 cats kept us company for 4 years while we lived like monks and steadfastly worked like scientists, alongside our dear friends Dan & Heather Jordan.

This bare boned existence cracked us open to be honest like never before, leading us to develop effective tools to “complete & delete” any and all stories of unhappiness and pain. Our lives became bearable again and like a phoenix rising out of the ashes we began to start a new juicy life individually and as a couple.

We both are excited to share with you that we are no longer living in the heavy black cloud of doubt and despair. We now see that these doubts have always been our friends, training us to become all that we deeply desire, through the power of choice.

The level of doubt equals the level of brilliance awaiting to blossom out of you.

Whoever is reading this, we understand and feel your pain and we know that with your desire to change you can and will break free into glorious states of happiness and success. It may be scary to admit the areas that you are still unhappy, but through this honesty you will crack the code to “end your war” and all your dreams will come true.

Whatever is haunting you, this system will demonstrate how to quickly turn your doubts/fears inside out and pump up your dreams every second of the day.

Through this profound journey, we unearthed and developed this groundbreaking system, and a book Happy 365! – 7 Step Quest to an Intimate Relationship.

As speakers, coaches, consultants, seminar facilitators and international performing artists we are now assisting multitudes of people around the globe how to quickly transform their lives into exceptional happiness, success, while living their dreams. Our clientele ranges from singles, couples, companies, recording and performing artists who are incorporating this innovative technology.

After traveling to many places around the world we have finally found “home” in the luscious garden island of Kaua’i, Hawai’i, where daily we pinch ourselves appreciating the stunning beauty of Kaua’i.

More About Us

Cary Valentine

A Berklee College of Music graduate and award winning worldwide performer. Born in New Jersey, he is an exceptional drummer and dynamic percussionist. He has toured, performed and/or recorded with such artists as Dizzy Gillespie, Trini Lopez, Michael Ruff (Lionel Ritchie, Kenny Loggins), David Pack (Ambrosia), Kevin Cronin (REO Speedwagon), Kevin Griffin (Better Than Ezra), Jeff Dayton (Glen Campbell, Kenny Chesney), and some of Brazil’s renowned musicians: Sa e Guarabyra, Milton Nascimento and Tony Osanah and Hawaiian artists Kenneth Makuakane (Pandanus Club), Makana, Eric Gilliom, Paula Fuga (Jack Johnson) and Jonah Cummings.

He also teaches drums and percussion in person & on-line internationally, inspiring many children and adults. Cary’s love for the arts extends to writing and performing original poetry, and narrating audio books. He produced and narrated the Divine Inspirations of Florence Scovel Shinn.

Wendy Valentine

Sings with an angelic voice, in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Hawaiian, and Japanese, performing on classical guitar, ukulele, and penny whistle. She performs throughout the US and Brazil in a Bossa Nova trio and as a solo artist. A Master’s degree recipient in English-as-a-Second-Language from Boston University, Wendy dedicated 13 years as an elementary school and E.S.L. teacher in the USA, Brazil, Spain and Mexico. A yoga instructor, illustrator and author of two children’s books.

Cary & Wendy perform together as part of the house band with Cindy Combs for the New Russell da Rooster kids TV show, produced by Mark Jeffers and filmed at the Storybook Theatre on Kaua’i. They also run musical residency programs in elementary schools in Hawai’i through the Lotus Arts Foundation. Feel free to check out inspiring musical videos at

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We are so excited to pull back the curtain and share with you how you can create happiness, no matter what’s going on in your life.

The material we will present in this blog has been birthed out of our own life’s difficulties, as we, a number of years ago, were on the brink of divorce, depressed, not creating our dreams and wondering how we got there.

We are very delighted to say we have found the answers which are very simple for you to implement and we are now living a juicy happy life individually and together.

Please check out About Us to read on and find out how you can turn your life around too, utilizing like many others, our breakthrough system.

Shortly, we will be posting videos and incredible step-by-step content that will transform your life!

Feel free to listen to the radio interview and read the newspaper article included on this site where you will find gemstones for you to implement.

Please stop by often for more inspirations and good news!


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The War Is Over!

Today, I declare the war is over.
The war is complete.
I have found the enemy – it is me.
I have found my greatest friend – it is me.

Today, I declare the war of doubt is over.
Doubt is one of my best friends, not my enemy.

Doubt is one of my greatest trainers of loving self.
Doubt has not come to take me down the well of emotional abyss.

Doubt has come to test my desire, to see how strong I believe in what I say or dream. The storm of Doubt has come. Its deepest desire is to help me, making sure I stand by my heart’s yearnings.

The storm of Doubt desires strongly that I succeed,
yet it must present turbulence to me,
the exact opposite of what it desires for me.

The storm of Doubt is my sparing partner – the stronger, closer I get to realize my dreams, the stronger the storm gets.
It must keep intensifying, staying one step ahead.

The storms may shorten, yet their blows will be more intense.   
Doubt is one of my greatest trainers of accepting all of me.

Whenever a doubt arises,
I remember it has come to remind me to love myself.
Doubt is not my enemy, it is one of my best friends.

©2007 Cary Valentine

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The War Is Over Essay

I found the enemy and it is me. I found my best friend and it is me. Artists, such as musicians, painters, actors, filmmakers, woodworkers, athletes, etc. are the cheerleaders for the rest of society. We are to embody our craft and every moment engage ourselves in exaltation of thought and energy.

How can we create such a state of exaltation? Let’s explore this issue. For all of us there is some pattern of doubt that we hear in our heads or from others, which when this pattern surfaces in our thoughts, and we have chosen to bite into this “poisoned apple” we immediately go down the well of despair as quickly as a blinking of an eye. This could be, “you really aren’t that good, not good-looking enough, too fat, too thin, just mediocre, not making enough money, not a satisfying
sexual partner, not unique, not creative enough, etc.”. Essentially, something negative. Alas, we have spent so much time down this well trying to get out, that many of us are exhausted from this internal war and are looking for a way to end this cycle of despair and begin anew.

The thoughts that we hear in our heads are not to hurt, harm, ensnare, enslave us. They are actually saying the opposite of what we are hearing and feeling to train us, to coach us, to remember that we are all grand, powerful creative masterpieces. So if we can emotionally jump down the well of despair in a blink, then we can also rise out of it as quickly and climb to an exalted state of beingness through the powerful tool of choice.

To live in such an exalted state sounds great in an utopian world or fantasy. Yet how do we do this in our present world? First, by will and determination to make the choice to not go down the same spiral and consequently relaxing enough to be able to accept the feelings that arise by not feeding the same pattern. For example, life shows up in a way we don’t want or like (weather, bad hair day, or an aggravation from a family member or co-worker), and we judge this experience. That judgmental thought becomes a feeling, and that feeling gets stored in the body. Yet by choice we learn to accept the feelings and stop the train of the doubts and gradually release these stored judgments, clearing through a cloud of misery and eventually move into a new vibrant being. To clear through this density, we need to create an intimate relationship with ourselves and be responsible for each and every thought, doing the same process of not reacting over and over again.

The state of exaltation is awaiting each and everyone of us now, if we yearn and work ourselves to reach this state. It is not hard or difficult; it is simply new. When you recognize the formula it is as easy as knowing 1+1= 2. The doubts, the fears, the negative tape loops, have always been there as reminders, as billboards for all of us to rise to our grandeur. Therefore things are not what they appear to be. You are wonderfully talented; your essence is beautiful, and the golden opportunities that you yearn for are seeking you. In order to create the life you want, you must actively participate in choosing what you believe and consider the negative voices as coaches training you to remember that you are a masterpiece. They are checking to see how much you really believe in yourself, to transform yourself and not be effected by the heckling of voices and feelings. How much do you love self? What is love? One definition is: life force.

From this process of discontinuing the same old negative tape loop, we begin to create and live in our own bubble of effervescence, and inspiration comes through us and expressed into our craft. Not needing or seeking the applause outside of us. We create a cocoon that we live in, bringing a freshness into the air wherever we go. Our creations serve to cheer on the world around us, inspiring others to also remember and reach for the same in their own life.

Then your art gets infused with this life force and people will be attracted to it. From this perspective we awaken to see that we are not victims of our life and our circumstances. Rather we are in fact creators of our life, authoring and weaving every moment. The state of life is alive being shaped and molded every breath we take.

So, if you are not pleased with yourself and your life you can change it. You always have had this ability. That’s what our trainers have been wanting us to awaken to all along. As Glinda said so eloquently and almost shockingly to Dorothy in The Wizard Of Oz, “you could have gone home anytime.”

2007 Cary Valentine

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We were interviewed by the weekly paper ‘Kauai People‘. You can read the article, which was published as a cover story, as a web page in a new window or as Adobe Pdf (157 kb).

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We were interviewed on the Radio Station KKCR on Kaua’i, HI (55 min). This electrifying interview covered our inspiring 7 step system to lasting happiness, for couples and singles.

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