We are so excited to pull back the curtain and share with you how you can create happiness, no matter what’s going on in your life.

The material we will present in this blog has been birthed out of our own life’s difficulties, as we, a number of years ago, were on the brink of divorce, depressed, not creating our dreams and wondering how we got there.

We are very delighted to say we have found the answers which are very simple for you to implement and we are now living a juicy happy life individually and together.

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Hey Guys,

Wanted to share with a HOT-off-the-press article for you to enjoy…..

Let us know what you think!!!


Cary & Wendy

3 Sure Proof Ways to Cure Disease Naturally

Yes, you can pull yourself through a health-crisis!

Yes, you can cure diseases naturally and have a radiantly beautiful body! It starts with your thoughts and how you feel about yourself. Can you imagine yourself exuberantly happy in radiant health, emanating a sparkling attractive appearance? Such a state of radiance is awaiting you and will transform and “juicify” your intimate relationship as well.

Although herbs, yoga, meditation, a healthy diet, exercise and even traditional medicine can assist in bringing you to health, consider taking a courageous look at the behind-the-scene-beliefs which may be blocking you from radiant beauty.

The first step towards transforming your body is admitting where you are “biting into the poisoned apple” of fear, doubt and insecurity. Then step by step, start putting in new refreshing beliefs about yourself. Your body will most definitely change and reflect your new inner self.

Here are 3 myths to debunk that will naturally transform your state of health and vitality:

Myth #1

I have unlucky genes. I have an unfortunate emotional or physical situation and have been dealt a lousy hand in life.

No matter what state your body is in, it does no good to blame and fight with yourself, and stay angry about your past or present situation. It’s time to move out of victim thinking and take 100% responsibility for yourself and situation. You are an extraordinary person. If you are going through difficult experiences, you can pull out of them now.

Accept where you are with love in your heart. You may not be happy with your present situation and have a lot of feelings to express. But don’t stop there. You have a choice every second to pump up your cells with happy thoughts. Consider stepping beyond the label of disease, trauma and disorder. You are not the disease. The disease is a trainer, waking you up to your power and to a great Love of Self. Watch the mind and how it tends to cling onto labels.

Relax, then remember two very powerful words: NO STORY. Meaning disengage from the worry story, see the discomfort as sensation, rather than pain. Allow your heart to open as the release happens. Breathe. You are coming into radiant health through letting go of old patterns and underlying beliefs.

Whatever habit you keep doing that is harsh and hurtful to yourself, for example, judging the way you look, discontinue it now. Resolve to never hurt yourself again.

With desire, support, taking full responsibility for however your body is showing up and allowing, I’ll say it again, ALLOWING happiness into your thoughts, you will experience a major shift in your condition, naturally.

Myth #2

Healing, physically and / or emotionally, is a long tedious process.

The idea of the “never-ending onion peel” is over!

Your body will shift, especially as you constantly input positive affirmations every blink of the eye, no matter how “crappy” you may feel at any moment. Be patient and give it a chance!

Such words have been powerfully proven to shift one’s state of health: I choose to be happy, I am clearing out the old now, or I am full of life.

At first saying these words may feel fake. Yet your cells will definitely respond to your words.

Reflect on this phrase: “MY BODY IS NEUTRAL“.

Your body will respond to your thoughts. Science has proven that the neuro net in your brain changes according to your thoughts. Therefore, consider “disease” as a friend, a trainer that has come to beckon you, reminding you to awaken to your true power within.

“Complete and Delete” your past, perhaps speaking out any painful situation or hurtful beliefs or destructive patterns you may be carrying to a trusted lover or friend as your witness. With courage and support you can be done with any negative story or unhappy file forever.

It is that simple. Consider changing the word “Healing” to “Completion”. In other words, try saying to yourself, “I am complete with this story or illness”. I am ready to once and for all let go. And really mean it. With your strength of conviction you will shift whatever condition is going on. Quickly!

I have witnessed people cure themselves from chronic disorders, such as Lyme Disease by doing this “Complete and Delete” process.

If, for example, you are experiencing a deep chest cold, instead of immediately going to the doctor, snuggle up and relax, allowing the cold to move through. There is nothing wrong with medicine. However, work constantly with your thoughts. At first create a neutral space, calming down, letting go of the fear, maybe with a phrase like, “This is perfection…This is sensation.” Do not add to or wallow in the fear.

Celebrate as the old programs of fear, doubt and insecurity that are lying beneath the physical or emotional discomforts are releasing! You are changing the neuro net pathways in your brain.

Myth #3

All I Have to Look Forward To Is Old Age and Deterioration

We do not get old; we become old from our internal thoughts and choices. Pump up joy into every cell of your being, and you will feel life return to your cells.

If you are aggravated or frustrated with the state of your body (aging, not as flexible, etc.), start saying to yourself, wholeheartedly:

“I am radiantly beautiful. Every cell of my body is sparkling in radiant beauty. I am glowing.”

“Radiant Health and Body” Wish List

Now let’s take a few moments to reflect on the following questions, guiding you to radiant health. Write out the answers and keep this wish list close by to inspire yourself during the day.

  • See yourself in your ideal state of radiant health. What do you look like?
  • What is your energy level like?
  • What is your ideal emotional state of being?
  • How do you imagine your face to look like? Your hair? Your eyes? Your voice?
  • What does your body look and feel like?
  • What kind of clothing are you wearing? What is your style? What colors are you attracted to wearing?
  • How are you expressing yourself? Are you involved in the creative arts?
  • How do you want other people to perceive you and your level of attractiveness and charisma?
  • How do you envision to “juicify” your intimate relationship as you transform your health?


You Are Waking Up Your Gifts And Power

Keep making the choice to be happy and live in a beautiful inner world. Cultivate the world of the imagination. This process is about falling in love with yourself and your sparkling essence. Then you will have the radiant body of your dreams.

Have FUN with the following phrase: What’s so sexy about being unhappy and unhealthy?

We don’t always know the timing of when our bodies will physically shift, but as long as we constantly work our internal environment, we are becoming more and more radiant. As we pump up our life force, we will become more full of life and energetic which creates “the juice” to fire up and juicify our relationships.

Start to notice where you cut off life and life-force, which constricts the well-spring of creativity. Break the habit of suppressing life and joy.

Face yourself at the deepest core level and be honest where you are holding onto fear. Do not judge yourself for engaging in fear. By admitting your worries, jealousies, judgments, suspicions, and all unhappiness, you will free up your life energy and glow beyond your wildest imagination!!!


Watch an inspiring video and listen to a powerful story of a women who cured herself from Lyme Disease transforming her intimate relationship. Please visit:


Turn Your Holiday Woes Into Juicy Relationship Glows

Hey Guys,

Realize we’ve been out of touch for a long time. It’s taken us longer than expected to complete writing and recording the Happy 365 System and making it available on-line.

We’re getting great reviews and feedback about this material on how to create a happy juicy intimate relationship. Here’s an article for the holidays chock full of inspiring tips. Feel free to pass on the info to your friends and family.

Do you have an image of the holiday season as being warm and meaningful, and a time to appreciate your partner and family?

……Imagining delicious food cooking in the kitchen aromatically wafting through the house, everyone dressed in their finest clothes, playing or listening to music, kids giggling as they play with their new holiday gifts. Your eyes catch those of your partner and you embrace with a sweet juicy kiss that hints of steamy lovemaking that will top off the night.

You may say, “Sure, that’s what I want but how can I make that a reality when my life looks more like this — My partner and I often ‘pass each other in the night’. We are overworked with hardly any time to relax and enjoy our kids, never mind enjoy each other. We are stressing out over all the expenses to come for the holidays, particularly compounded by the challenging economic climate.”

“We are finding ourselves flying off the handle at each other and are not sure where this aggravation is coming from. And I am frustrated that I can’t fit into that special dress I was looking forward to wearing.”

Well here are 5 powerful tips and ideas guaranteed to transform and “juicify” yourself and relationship so that you can have that ideal holiday glow!

This info is coming to you from us, a couple of 21 years just like you who has been in the trenches and pulled themselves out of a dried-up unhappy marriage and found again that “lovin’ feeling”.

Tip #1 – Get Transparent With Yourself and Your Lover

During this holiday season become aware of what your biggest reoccurring unhappy story is. Are you constantly saying that there’s not enough time and money? Are you looking at yourself in the mirror and don’t like what you see, taking you down the well of despair? Worried about getting old or being alone? Or wondering if your equipment still works and are ever going to “get it on” with your partner again?

Etch out at least 10 minutes a day with your partner and tell him or her what’s going on. Discontinue isolating or hiding from each other. Desire to know each other intimately. At first you may feel ashamed to admit where you may be “biting into the poisoned apple” of fear, doubt or worry but as you do so, a deeper trust will spring forth and the juicy factor will naturally come back.

Tip #2 – Turn Your Doubts Inside Out

Stop the negative thoughts in their tracks and listen to their underlying message.

For example you may hear “I’m unattractive, or don’t have the means to get the holiday gifts our kids are thrilled about. Or I don’t have time to enjoy my life and my partner. Warning – these thoughts are not the full truth.

They are actually your best friends and coaches, waking you up to your grand potential.

Take a moment and accept these apparently negative truths and then make a choice of another kind. Pump in the opposite message, such as “I’m not sure how we’ll get these holiday gifts, but there will be an answer. I’m not sure of how we’ll create the time to be lovers again, but let’s start warming each other up with a quick hand or foot massage and get the juices flowing.”

Inside doubt are two words – To Bud. Allow yourself to bud. Lighten up and don’t expect yourself to be perfect. Do something different. As Albert Einstein said:

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Tip #3 – Ain’t Mama Happy, Ain’t Nobody Happy

Women, have you ever realized you set the tone of your home?

Did you know you have a choice at every moment to be sweet or a sour puss, which has a great effect on your partner and family, especially during the holidays?

Your greatest holiday gift to your partner and family is to make the choice to lighten up and be the happy beautiful heart of the home.

Guys, your job is to monitor her to make sure she’s stepping out of burden and feeling beautiful.  Compliment her. And women make sure he’s not stressing out about money. This is a team effort to stay happy and juicy, while finding fun, creative ways to bring home the bacon.

Tip #4 – DeScrooge Yourself – Happiness Is A Choice

Have you ever realized when you frown, you bring everybody down?

No matter how grim and hopeless your situation may appear, you have the choice to be happy or miserable at any given second. After all, what’s so sexy about being unhappy, especially during the holidays? Put happiness into your own hands. Life is precious. Make it count. Be the life of the party! Dance, play and you and your family’s troubles will melt away.

Tip #5 – Simplify

If you don’t have a lot of expendable income this season, choose simpler meaningful gifts from the heart, like singing a special song, writing a poem, or make something special. Or how about gifting your partner 4 date nights with prearranged babysitters to rekindle your romance?

‘tis the Season to be Juicy and Jolly, fa la la la la, la la la la!!!!!!

Cary & Wendy

This is an excerpt from Cary and Wendy Valentine’s Happy 365 System. For more in-depth info on how to keep your relationship juicy and intimate, or if you are single and looking to prepare yourself for the relationship of your dreams, please visit www.Happy365Now.com.

How To Feel Juicy & Stay Juicy

This is the first of a series of postings about how to feel & sustain “that lovin’ feeling” in a relationship.

If you are looking to get into a relationship, this info will be helpful for you as well.

We are excited to share with you in segments the essence of a complete groundbreaking system on how to create genuine happiness, no matter what’s happening in your life.

Friends, there is nothing more important and meaningful to us than to impart these amazing tools to anyone who is yearning to transform and be exuberantly happy in their life.

We, Cary and Wendy Valentine, some years ago were on the brink of divorce and had completely lost that juicy feeling.

We are happy to say that we have come out of our living hell. It took us many years to figure this out but we turned ourselves around and we are completely confident that you can too….quickly!

Remember the moment when you knew your partner was the one you wanted to share your life with? Has that feeling sustained? If not, we assure you, that feeling can return and even be stronger!!!!

Let’s get right into some helpful info that will transform your life.

Men – Invest in your relationship & reap the juicy rewards

Having a juicy intimate relationship will probably be of great interest to most men. “As for most of us guys all it takes is a little wind to blow & we’re ready to romp and roll”, says Cary.

Did you ever realize how important it is to warm your woman’s heart and that’s what is going to get her juices flowing?

Ever see the movie Groundhog Day where Bill Murray learned how to woo his woman, Andie MacDowell? Great wisdom here for us guys to learn to turn our hard-ons into heart-ons. Learning how to move from having sex to lovemaking.

But how the heck do you that? Begin with taking the time to unwind.

You may not want to invest the time to talk with your woman and listen attentively to what is going on in her thoughts and life. But it will be very worth the investment.

There’s a good chance she is warring with thoughts about herself, that she isn’t beautiful enough or adequate enough in some area, which is souring her sweet feminine essence. (Check out The War is Over! poem and essay on our website).

Help her get to the root of this pattern which has probably been going on for years or all of her life.

In future blogs we’ll show you how to “complete and delete” these old painful programs and patterns once and for all and live together in a constant state of juicy sweetness.

Women – “Ain’t Mama Happy, Ain’t Nobody Happy”

Have you ever realized that you set the tone of your home?

Do you know that you have a choice at any given moment to be sweet or a sourpuss, which has a great effect on your partner and family?

Have you ever imagined you could be free forever of struggles with your body image and enjoy lovemaking all the time?

Are you aware of what worries or concerns your man is dealing with?

Time to get transparent. The more you are honest with each other about what haunts you, the more your relationship will naturally get juicy.

This enhanced level of juiciness in the relationship will open the doorway to get you passionate about new creative business ideas and hobbies. You will be inspired to discover refreshing ways to relate to your children encouraging them also to reach to their greatest potential.

If you don’t invest time in yourselves & each other, then you will probably find yourselves living on separate islands in the same house which could lead to a costly break-up, emotionally & financially. Case in point, the news this week about John Cleese’s divorce settlement in PopEater.

Wow, another example of what happens when you lose that “lovin’ feeling”.

Tip of the day:
Begin to deepen your connection with your partner over coffee, tea or a glass of wine.

Ask your partner, what’s your biggest reoccurring fear? i.e. fear of money, loss, aging, not looking good enough, not pleasing each other intimately.

Then ask each other, what are your dreams (some of you may not know what your dreams are, this a good place to start)?

Stay tuned to the next posting about the powerful effect of clearing your fears and worries forever………..

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Tiger Woods and Attitude – Choose Happiness?

On this weekend when the world of music is celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Woodstock, I found myself intrigued by golf’s PGA Championship. Tiger Woods had a lead from the start and there was great anticipation for him to win, especially since no one has ever come from behind to win when he has had this kind of lead.

What’s this have to do with happiness? Read on.

Throughout the round today Tiger played well, especially with the wet & windy conditions but not well enough, as Y.E. Yang of Korea became the first Asian born player to win a major championship.

I felt terrible for Tiger and disappointed that he didn’t win. These feelings reminded me of my youth, where I always wanted to win and I had a poor sense of sportsmanship (like in Little League when I beat the ground with my baseball bat, upon striking out).

I have changed over the years, yet I still like to win.

I can’t even imagine what it must have felt like for Tiger to have lost and immediately had to meet with the press, yet I was surprised at Tiger’s press conference after the round, and so was the renowned Australian golfer Peter Thomson, as he expressed in articles in the London Telegraph and AOL’s sports blog FanHouse.

When asked about Y.E. Yang’s win, I would have loved to have seen Tiger put his competitive spirit aside for a larger perspective for the love of the game.

I wished to have watched Tiger say, “Of course I expected to win today, but that’s not what happened. I am so happy for Y.E. Yang, his family and fans for winning his 1st major and what an incredible boost this will be for the game of golf throughout all of Asia.”

What a dignifying sportsmanship comment that would have been especially coming from the world’s biggest influence on the game of golf.

Now about happiness….

I look forward to watching sporting events and at the end, at first glance you can’t tell who won. Because both sides are truly grateful and extremely happy for having the opportunity to play that day, everybody is smiling.

You may say this is unrealistic. I say this can happen and is awaiting to happen.

It is a choice away.

For all of us at any moment we are being offered the opportunity to choose joy, happiness or misery. Even when things don’t go our way, especially when they don’t, how does it feel to choose unhappiness, even for a moment?

C’mon try it out. Why choose to be down when you lose, when you can choose to be happy. This isn’t to say just brush over the hard, difficult moments in our lives, yet isn’t it more life giving to cherish and deeply value each moment,- regardless of what’s showing up?


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The War Is Over!

Today, I declare the war is over.
The war is complete.
I have found the enemy – it is me.
I have found my greatest friend – it is me.

Today, I declare the war of doubt is over.
Doubt is one of my best friends, not my enemy.

Doubt is one of my greatest trainers of loving self.
Doubt has not come to take me down the well of emotional abyss.

Doubt has come to test my desire, to see how strong I believe in what I say or dream. The storm of Doubt has come. Its deepest desire is to help me, making sure I stand by my heart’s yearnings.

The storm of Doubt desires strongly that I succeed,
yet it must present turbulence to me,
the exact opposite of what it desires for me.

The storm of Doubt is my sparing partner – the stronger, closer I get to realize my dreams, the stronger the storm gets.
It must keep intensifying, staying one step ahead.

The storms may shorten, yet their blows will be more intense.   
Doubt is one of my greatest trainers of accepting all of me.

Whenever a doubt arises,
I remember it has come to remind me to love myself.
Doubt is not my enemy, it is one of my best friends.

©2007 Cary Valentine

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The War Is Over Essay

I found the enemy and it is me. I found my best friend and it is me. Artists, such as musicians, painters, actors, filmmakers, woodworkers, athletes, etc. are the cheerleaders for the rest of society. We are to embody our craft and every moment engage ourselves in exaltation of thought and energy.

How can we create such a state of exaltation? Let’s explore this issue. For all of us there is some pattern of doubt that we hear in our heads or from others, which when this pattern surfaces in our thoughts, and we have chosen to bite into this “poisoned apple” we immediately go down the well of despair as quickly as a blinking of an eye. This could be, “you really aren’t that good, not good-looking enough, too fat, too thin, just mediocre, not making enough money, not a satisfying
sexual partner, not unique, not creative enough, etc.”. Essentially, something negative. Alas, we have spent so much time down this well trying to get out, that many of us are exhausted from this internal war and are looking for a way to end this cycle of despair and begin anew.

The thoughts that we hear in our heads are not to hurt, harm, ensnare, enslave us. They are actually saying the opposite of what we are hearing and feeling to train us, to coach us, to remember that we are all grand, powerful creative masterpieces. So if we can emotionally jump down the well of despair in a blink, then we can also rise out of it as quickly and climb to an exalted state of beingness through the powerful tool of choice.

To live in such an exalted state sounds great in an utopian world or fantasy. Yet how do we do this in our present world? First, by will and determination to make the choice to not go down the same spiral and consequently relaxing enough to be able to accept the feelings that arise by not feeding the same pattern. For example, life shows up in a way we don’t want or like (weather, bad hair day, or an aggravation from a family member or co-worker), and we judge this experience. That judgmental thought becomes a feeling, and that feeling gets stored in the body. Yet by choice we learn to accept the feelings and stop the train of the doubts and gradually release these stored judgments, clearing through a cloud of misery and eventually move into a new vibrant being. To clear through this density, we need to create an intimate relationship with ourselves and be responsible for each and every thought, doing the same process of not reacting over and over again.

The state of exaltation is awaiting each and everyone of us now, if we yearn and work ourselves to reach this state. It is not hard or difficult; it is simply new. When you recognize the formula it is as easy as knowing 1+1= 2. The doubts, the fears, the negative tape loops, have always been there as reminders, as billboards for all of us to rise to our grandeur. Therefore things are not what they appear to be. You are wonderfully talented; your essence is beautiful, and the golden opportunities that you yearn for are seeking you. In order to create the life you want, you must actively participate in choosing what you believe and consider the negative voices as coaches training you to remember that you are a masterpiece. They are checking to see how much you really believe in yourself, to transform yourself and not be effected by the heckling of voices and feelings. How much do you love self? What is love? One definition is: life force.

From this process of discontinuing the same old negative tape loop, we begin to create and live in our own bubble of effervescence, and inspiration comes through us and expressed into our craft. Not needing or seeking the applause outside of us. We create a cocoon that we live in, bringing a freshness into the air wherever we go. Our creations serve to cheer on the world around us, inspiring others to also remember and reach for the same in their own life.

Then your art gets infused with this life force and people will be attracted to it. From this perspective we awaken to see that we are not victims of our life and our circumstances. Rather we are in fact creators of our life, authoring and weaving every moment. The state of life is alive being shaped and molded every breath we take.

So, if you are not pleased with yourself and your life you can change it. You always have had this ability. That’s what our trainers have been wanting us to awaken to all along. As Glinda said so eloquently and almost shockingly to Dorothy in The Wizard Of Oz, “you could have gone home anytime.”

2007 Cary Valentine

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We were interviewed by the weekly paper ‘Kauai People‘. You can read the article, which was published as a cover story, as a web page in a new window or as Adobe Pdf (157 kb).

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We were interviewed on the Radio Station KKCR on Kaua’i, HI (55 min). This electrifying interview covered our inspiring 7 step system to lasting happiness, for couples and singles.

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